Saturday, February 21, 2015

Angel Zoom Smokey is an Idiot!

For those who want to enter for a chance to win a t-shirt with Angel Zoom Smokey's photo on the centerfold of Playpuppy magazine, you still have a week to enter the contest.  My blog written Jan. 31, 2015, has the details of how to enter.  I happen to think that the best thing about this photo is the bacon which Angel did not share with me--she is such a jerk!
Speaking of Angel, she took counter surfing to a whole new level yesterday.  For those of you who aren't of the dog persuasion, counter surfing is when you see some delicious human food on the counter or table, and you put your front paws up there, and "surf" for food.  The smaller breeds can't do it, but it is something we larger breeds gain great enjoyment from doing.  My brother, William, had been eating some macaroni and cheese which is something that Angel finds to be a delicious food.  He sat the bowl down on Mommy's dresser, and Angel decided to get it for herself.  Mommy's dresser is this massive piece of wood furniture that, in addition to the mirror, and shelves and a couple of drawers sitting on top of it  leaves about 8 inches of actual dresser space.  Imagine how ridiculous a Siberian husky looks when she jumps from the bed onto the dresser and the husky's whole body manages to get onto the dresser, and she is tying to get to the other side of the dresser to score the macaroni and cheese.  Mommy was glad she did not get hurt, but I often wonder is she has any sense whatsoever.  I would have just whined until the humans gave me some.  It works every time!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog With Sense)

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  1. I used to do the counter surfin' thing but one day my Dad hid in the pantry and just as I was about to nick a bit of cheese he jumped out of the pantry and yelled at me. I haven't done it since. Wish I'd have had your sense Demon. then I wouldn't have got yelled at. I just whine now too. You're right ..... it ALWAYS works.