Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Mouse is a Mouse is a Mouse--Even on the Computer!

I have been getting very annoyed at Angel Zoom Smokey lately.  For the past couple of weeks, she has been hogging the humans all to herself.  Whenever I enter the room with them, she attacks me, and my humans are annoyed at her too because they miss having me with them.   They love BOTH of us.  Despite my personal feelings of annoyance with her, I do have to commend her for a brave act on her part.  She was jumping around on the bed (she calls it "zooming"), and she broke the cover off of the mouse on Mommy's laptop computer.  Mommy wasn't exactly happy that she did it, but I have to admit that all us dogs know that mice should never be allowed in the house.  Even though I am mad at Angel, I do have to admit that I don't like the idea of mice in the house either.  They pay no rent (from what I have heard), and I have a stash of treats that I have hidden in very strategic spots throughout the house.  One spot is under the kitchen table.  I knew the humans would never see treats there because the table covers them up.  I am giving Angel Zoom Smokey my special "you killed that stupid mouse" award because I believe in giving credit where credit is due.  Besides, I have plans to get revenge on her for annoying me anyway.

Demon Flash Bandit (Giving Credit Where Credit is Due)

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