Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wooden Bird

Many years ago, there was a major war between dogs and birds.  This is the time that even the cats joined with the dogs in the fight.  The battles were intense, and the world was on edge. The birds were in a heavily fortified nest.   Would birds take over and annihilate the humans or would the dogs be able to save their bi-ped friends?  I won't lie to did not look good.  Then one of the dogs had a brilliant idea.  His idea was to make a bird from wood that would be big enough to fit a bunch of dogs and cats inside so that they could get to the birds.  You might wonder how the birds would react to such a big bird, but they were big watchers of Sesame Street so they had seen Big Bird many times and thought it was one of Big Bird's relatives.  Therefore, they brought the wooden bird into the nest.  Once the dogs and cats got to the birds, they won the war and the humans were safe.  However, we dogs must be constantly vigilant with the birds.  They are still trying to take over the world.

Demon Flash Bandit (Story of Wooden Bird)  

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