Sunday, April 6, 2014

Angel Zoom Smokey: Chicken Detective

Angel Zoom Smokey has decided on a new career.  She told me that she is going to be a chicken detective.  I had never heard of a chicken detective before this, but it is a career that she thought up on her own.  I guess this gives her a competitive advantage over future chicken detectives.  I did have to ask her more about it since detectives are usually following people or animals for a reason.  There aren't too many wanted posters that feature chickens so I was a bit curious about how she planned to make a living from this new career.  I have to admit that she has given this new business a lot of thought, and I think she might be on the right track.  She plans to follow chickens around  because she likes to eat chickens, and it is her main food source.  Therefore, she has dinner covered for the rest of her life.  However, I had to ask her how she planned to come up with money for treats like dingo bones and milk bones.  She said that is why her plan works so well.  She was watching Jersey Shore with Mommy and also Snooki and JWoww, and she said that if those uninteresting humans have people watching them, then the humans would be far more entertained by the Angel Zoom Smokey:  Chicken Detective show.  I've got to admit that I've slept through some of those episodes so I think she is onto something.  Those humans are boring...gym, tanning, laundry.... and then going out to get drunk to the point of not remembering who you are does not sound like fun activities.  Of course, I am a dog. and we live more interesting lives.  If nothing fun is going on around us, we take a nap and dream we are having fun!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Angel Zoom Smokey's New Career)


  1. We wish Angel Zoom Smokey lots of luck and success on her chosen career.

  2. Hey, I has followed chickens before so if Angel has got any questions - lemme know.

  3. Crikey Demon ... Best of luck to Angel Zoom Smokey, Mate but tell her to lay off the dingo bones, aye? Dingoes' are very nice blokes and we don't want no-one killin' our dingoes for treats. Chickens, however, are fair game.