Monday, April 21, 2014

There Should be no Claw Salon in MY Back Yard!!!!!

The things going on in my back yard are outrageous!  Now that the snow has melted and that stupid spring season has begun (against my wishes), the O'Awesomes have set up a new store in my yard.  Yes, MY YARD!!   The O'Awesomes are a family of opossums that moved in last year, and clearly ignored my eviction notice.  If ignoring my eviction notice was not bad enough, they decided to run a
business.  If it were something I could overlook with products I like-perhaps maybe a dingo bone shop in which I get a discount, I might overlook it.  However, it is not a useful product.  What are they selling in their shop?  It isn't actually a product.  They have set up one of those claw salons that are so popular with the humans these days.  Therefore, in addition to the opossums hanging around, we now have mice, beavers. and squirrels hanging around my yard waiting to get their claws painted.  The last straw came when they started advertising their services, and Angel Zoom Smokey got a coupon in the  mail.  I've never seen her so mad.  She said she won't let the humans paint her claws, and she certainly isn't going to allow the opossums to do it.  The real problem is that, if you get the proper authorities to check on the business, the opossums act like they are dead and get out of trouble.  Why don't they just get toxic paint and paint only birds?  I could understand that thinking.  By the way, I'm sure that their original name was O"Awful and they changed it to O'Awesome.

Demon Flash Bandit (Trying to Evict the O'Awesomes)


  1. Well, they Sound awesome. But jus' get out there an bark 'em away!

  2. could try some nasty bird seed, they used to eat ours, and if it was nasty they would go away...