Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Arrival

This dog is the latest new addition to our   family.  Humom said he is a Siberian Husky puppy, but I am an adult husky, and he is st least twice my height.  Perhaps he is the husky version of Clifford, the big red dog of children"s literary fame.  So far, he has not caused any trouble.  He just sits in the rocking chair in the living room.

The last time the humans got a new dog was when they got Angel Zoom Smokey. I got in the car and we headed for Wellsville, Ohio.  I love to ride in the car and go places so it was a wonderful adventure for me. I assumed we were going on  a vacation.  I always accompanied them on family vacations because I am family.  😎.   It was not a vacation. But it was a trip to pick up  Angel Zoom Smokey.   We got to a house where  Angel lived.  I entered the house, and Humom had driven there to buy Angel.  Angel immediately started  yapping at me and she hasn't stopped yet.  She is a typical bitch-always yapping about something.  I was not consulted on Angel:s arrival.  It was a shock to me when they put  her in our minivan.  I was perfectly happy being an only dog.  I don',t mind her now. But she is a diva.  One time last year she refused to go outside because it had snowed, and she didn't like getting her paws wet and cold.  I almost turned her into the Siberian Husky Association.  What self respecting husky gets upset over a wet, cold paw.

So far, the new giant husky hasn't bothered me so he can stay.  It would be nice if the humans had asked for my opinion.  I am more intelligent than the humans. Thus my opinion should be valued. Anyway, the new dog is okay so far.  Humom has not named him yet.  Maybe that is a good sign.

Demon Flash Bandit


  1. Wow, what a formidable puppy, DFB!! BOL!!
    I think my kitty brofurs would enjoy a pup like that...

  2. Humans never seem to value OUR opinions enuf!