Friday, April 28, 2017


My rules for eating gingerbread cookies:

Gingerbread is a tasty treat, but it can be difficult to enjoy.  That is because many gingerbread cookies are "gingerbread men".  Gingerbread men tend to rum away before you can eat them.  I guess I can't blame them.  I would probably run too.  Being baked in an oven can't be fun. Being on a menu is not something to which anyone would want either.   This is why I am writing this blog.  I like to share my insights with my fellow dogs and any human! s who might be reading this. There is a story most people kmow. It is  the story of a little old lady who made the first gingerbrlad man.  He  is a smartalect who runs away from the little old lady and the little old man., and other farm animals that want to eat him.    Finally he gets eaten by a clever fox.

Back to my  gingerbread situation.  Humom bought some gingerbread cookies and put them into a cabinet where a dog can smell them.  I opened the cabinet to help myself to one.  This is when I discovered that they were gingerbread girls.  Most of my regular readers know that I live with Angel Zoom Smokey, and she is a bitch.  Therefore   I was one with the clever fox.  I ate her legs so she could not run.  The moral of this blog is that bitches annoy a he-man dog like me.

I hope my readers have a pleasant day!

Demon Flash Bandit.

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