Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gone Fishing

Before I write my blog, I want to thank my readers for the prayers for humom.  She sends her thanks also.  She is feeling better.  She is getting antibiotics when she gets dialysis now.

I had a delightful day.  I took Angel Zoom Smokey's paw and we went fishing.  It was a first time for Angel, but I went once before so I am a seasoned veteran.  We got our fishing poles, and headed for the water.  The weather was perfect.  We entered the automatic doors, and headed straight toward the seafood section we cast our fishing poles into the water.  Each of us caught 2 lobsters so we will high off the fish tonight.  I must add that God, in his infinite wisdom was wise to put rubber bands around their claws.  A dog could get hutt if the claws are free.

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1 comment:

  1. Glad your Humom is feeling better.
    Lobster??? Hmmm boss boy can help you gobble those up if you wish...petcretary say no thanks, BOL!
    I do not care fur shell-fish...and strangely, not my kitty brofurs that much either, BOL!!