Sunday, January 3, 2016

Television Review: Gilmore Girls

Humom has been watching an old tv show called Gilmore Girls.  Why she ever wasted her money on all the seasons makes no sense to me.  I will admit that, like most of the offerings on tv, it isn't enjoyable to me and other dogs
  When a dog lives with humans on an everyday basis, a dog learns to nap a lot-which is what I was doing when humom watched G. Girls.  This show is about the lives of a mother, (Lorilei) and her daughter, (Rory) who live in a perfect little town.  The pair are best friends.  The town in which they live is  populated by interesting and eccentric humans who, of course, adore the two of them By the way, I sense a complete lack of imagination because Rory is a nickname because the daughter's name is also Lorilei.   Did I mention the Lorilei's  parents are wealthy?  Well, they are.
  Lorilei made it a point to make it financially on her own and not be dependent on her parent's money.  Rory had planned to attend Harvard since she was a baby so Lori made the ultimate sacrifice and agreed to eat with her parents once a week in exchange for the tuition payment. I was beginning to worry that, by the time college  tuition came up, they might have to take a vacation to DisneyWorld.   Evidently, Rory is a young genius.  It seems to me that a young genius should be able to learn by reading books which are free at the library.  Rory's high school tuition was a total of $75,000.  I won't expose any more of the suspenseful plot because I've told you too much as it is.  The only reason I am writing about this show is because, when I was about to give this show a bad review, I saw a redeeming portion  at a town meeting.  One of the prominent citizens of the town brought up their bird problem.  Humom asked me if I wrote that episode, but I didn't. However, I did do the  consulting work.  I often am asked to give my expert opinion.on birds to groups and individuals.  The show suggested putting spikes on the top  of fences to impale the birds that land there.  I applaud those creative humans that see birds for what they are:  evil varmints.  Overall, this is a show that you should sleep through and only watch the town meetings.

Demon Flash Bandit (Television Critic)

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