Saturday, July 4, 2015

Call Me Doctor Demon

I am happy to report that Humom did not listen to my human brother when he said to start giving me kibble.  Humom realized that I was refusing to eat because of my hurt paw.  My paw is better, and I'm eating again.  I'm glad humom is one of the smarter humans.

Happy birthday United States.  I wonder what I will get for its birthday.  As my regular readers already know, I get gifts every time someone has a birthday around here.  Since it is the whole country's birhday, I bet it will be something huge!

Since I have been taking care of humom, I now answer to the title, Dr. Demon.  Angel is Nurse Angel Fuzzy Butt.  Because of my new status, I have told the humans to get me a stethoscope to wear aroind my neck so I can look the part.  I wonder.............. can you get a stethoscope made of rawhide?   I'm sure a doctor would prefer one made from rawhide.  All the dogs I asked said they would order one made from rawhide

Demon Flash Bandit ( Doctor Demon)

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  1. Happy Fourth of July!!

    May all your wishes come true, and get well to your paw and your Mommy:)