Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump Pawtographs Orders

Donald Trump has been in office for 9 days, and he has been busy signing executive orders.  If I had won the election, I would end my first week sniffing around the White House.  It is a big place, and it takes time to take in all the wonderful smells.  This is why a dog would be a better choice for president.  We dogs  take our time and see how things smell before we make a decision.  How many of you humans regret not putting me into the White House?  Dogs are always the best choice.

Trump signed an executive order involving healthcsre, and as he said in his campaign, he has a brilliant plan.  He ordered that no one can get sick.  I have got to admit that, if no one is sick, it would save a lot of money on healthcare.

Trump signed an order which will ban people from some Muslim countries from entering the US. .  This has caused much turmoil at some international airports.   Of course, he hasn't shared his next step which is using illegal and legal slien labor  to build the wall on Mexico's border.  This will make the cost of labor free.  He has not indicatefd how space aliens will be treated.  I am sure he will announce that plan soon.   From my observation, there are more mass killings done by our own citizens.

He also signed an order that all eagle mascots should be set free.  Normally I hate birds, but the eagle  in the video I am sharing made me realize that some birds are good.  Go Eagle.

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