Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Leading the Packing

In answer to my readers who have been asking about my presidential campaign and how it is going, this blog is a campaign update.  I am in the lead on cuteness I will get 100% of the cute vote.  That comes as no surprise to anyone that has seen my photo and the photos of Hilary and Trump.  My campaign also wins votes for the best slogan, Leading the Pack.  Hilary has the second best slogan, I am already familiar with the White house.  I think that Vote Trump and make America a Dump is a horrible slogan.    It is as if he isn't even trying.  I will give him points for honesty.  Usually the human candidates lie a lot of the time.  I promise the voters to build more community dog parks, better dog food inspection, and insure that dogs are tax deductions for the humans.  Be sure and vote for me to be president.  Thanks for your support!

Demon Flash Bandit (Candidate)

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