Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Formal Wear Unnecessary at McDonalds

June--the month in which many weddings take place has inspired me to write my blog today on fashion, and not just everday fashion, but formal wear for the discriminating dog. I have a website to share with my readers that has formal wear for the dog who is planning a big, formal wedding. The address is:
http://www.browndogtreasures.com/Dog-Wedding-s/7.htm .
The formal wear also includes a business suit for the dog who is running his own business. I know it may seem silly to most dogs, but when you deal with the humans, you have to look the part. Humans seem to trust other humans who wear suits so I have to assume that a dog wearing a suit will be more likely to gain their trust and their business. This is probably because the humans aren't smart enough to smell each other's butts when they meet. Personally, I think a good butt sniff will tell you more about the integrity of the other dog, but the humans seem to think the idea is repulsive so you have to humor them.

This site also has many other dog fashions and dog items so feel free to look around. I do think the outfits are gorgeous, and I would be glad to volunteer my stunt dog, Phantom Fast Snowman to wear any of them. I personally do not care for being dressed. I am a dog and proud of it, and I think my fur looks great. This is why it is so important for me to have a stunt dog! I have mentioned this in previous blogs, but for those who have missed it, Phantom is the logo for my brother's website, http://www.silverscreenhub.com/ I am happy to announce that I will be having more of a presence on his website probably because he realizes what a massive talent he has with me.

On an unrelated note, since Burger King made this dog very unhappy, I have been eating the burgers made by the clown. The McDonalds burgers have met with my approval. When I was a puppy, I wouldn't eat them, but when BK messes up a dog's order and acts like they are doing a dog a favor taking the order, it is time to move on. I thought I would mention this since some of my readers might not be familiar with the clown's burgers. I'm not sure if he is well known or not. Mommy says not to worry--the clown burgers are everywhere, but I'm not sure if she is correct since the humans aren't as smart as the average dog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Fashion and Hamburgers)

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